Doctors On Call

Doctors On Call

Doctors On Calls is a telemedicine platform that develops, markets and operates House Medical Calls, Virtual Telemedicine Service and Arden to a network of experienced, licensed and board certified healthcare professionals especially trained to provide highly encrypted, high quality, convenient medical consultations in the comfort of your own home via mobile.

We offer our services with high level of dedication, convenience, and professionalism. Our doctors are able to exchanges ideas, bring expertise and diverse perspectives to help solve some of healthcare’s toughest issues.

Our clinician will:

  • Thoroughly assess each patient to develop and assist with a customized clinical and supportive home healthcare plan designed to meet the specific needs of illness.
  • Regularly monitor clinical status, record vital signs and assess patients for early signs of any complication to adjust plan of management accordingly
  • Conduct screening pathological tests regularly to monitor condition
  • Evaluate the caregiver's ability to participate in the home care management of the patient and train them up to actively involved in managing patient's condition
  • Educate and train patients and caregivers about various facets of disease to achieve better patient compliance and positive clinical outcome
  • Communicate regularly about the patient's status and progress
  • Provide patients with written learning tools

Elder Care Service

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